Boat Loans Caravan Loans

We’re your leisure and lifestyle finance brokers that can make your dreams and aspirations a reality with exceptional loans for boats and caravans. When purchasing a boat or caravan, most people will require a loan to cover the full or part of the purchase price. If you haven’t taken out such a loan before or for quite a while, you may not be up to date with all your options.

In everyday life we are bombarded with ads and offers for caravan finance and boat loans. We cut through all that confusion by handling the entire loan process for you. But we don’t proceed with any stage without your consent.

For individuals purchasing a boat or caravan we offer:

Secured Boat and Caravan Loans: Features:

  • The boat/caravan is used as collateral or security by the lender against the money you borrow.
  • While the lender holds security you have full ownership and use of the boat/caravan.
  • Our cheap interest rates, fixed for the fixed term of the loan.
  • Fixed monthly repayments.
  • You can make additional payments to pay off the loan earlier.
  • If you want to finalise the loan before the loan term, minimal break fees apply.

To discuss a secured loan to purchase a boat or caravan, please feel free to contact us with your questions.